Global Relations

Tufts School of Dental Medicine has long offered onsite certificate and M.S. programs for students around the world. Tufts has been able to train dentists in new dental techniques while ensuring that these students will successfully perform these procedures after completing the program. Tufts affiliated programs have never been short on attendance and have generated significant income for the university.

International course offerings and onsite learning for practicing dentists now presents a new set of challenges for Tufts School of Dental Medicine. Many dentists would like to get advanced degrees but cannot afford to take the time to close their practices for 2-3 years. The emergence of the European Union has also influenced the International learning needs. Dentists practicing in Europe now need a Masters Degree in order to practice anywhere in the EU. Thus, many schools in the EU have begun to develop their own graduate programs using the UDS model, or to align themselves with the US Dental Schools. Many Dental schools, including BU, NYU, USC, and UCLA are developing or operating long distance learning programs.

Tufts Travel Registry

Tufts Travel Registry is a confidential and secure database for maintaining key travel information for all Tufts affiliates conducting university-related international travel. For information on whether you need to register your travel, and how to do so, click here.

Types of Long Distance Learning Programs

  • Short Continuing Education programs (clinical)
  • Certificate/MS program (clinical)
  • MS programs (non clinical)
  • Short Continuing Education programs

Present Status

Tufts School of Dental Medicine has successfully given many short Continuing Education courses. Traditionally these have been run by sending Tufts faculty abroad for durations of 3- 14 days. Conversely, there have been successful courses where participants have to Tufts for a 1-2 week program.

In September 2003, Tufts Dental School took a great leap forward by holding a one week video conferencing course in conjunction with the University of Danube. Renting the video conferencing equipment and space from the medical school, 7 dentists spent 5 days in interactive video conferencing with Dr. Slavicek in Austria. This was a resounding success. Cost to run the program was approximately $7,000 (this did not include speakers fees).

Global Relations Student Aid Trips

Under the guidance of the Public Health and Community Service department, Tufts dental students and faculty have the opportunity to travel internationally to provide dental services to underserved populations. These trips are organized for faculty and staff to broaden their horizons and practice dental medicine in differing areas of the world. Dental Missions serve to educate both the clinical skills and international views of students and faculty.