TOPS Biopsy Kits Order Form

To request complimentary Biopsy or Liquid Cytology Kits, please complete the form below and allow 3-5 business days for delivery. For more information about what to do when you receive the kit and about our clinical services, click here.


Biopsy Kit, Michels Media Bottle, and Liquid-Based Brush Cytology Kit

You may also request complimentary biopsy kits and pre-paid FedEx envelopes by phone, fax or email:

P: 866-670-TOPS (8677) |  F: 617-636-6780 |

After Receiving Your Order

Simply send your biopsy and/or cytology specimen in the enclosed pre-paid FedEx envelope. We will provide soft and hard tissue analysis following:

  • gross examination with/without decalcification
  • routine hematoxylin and eosin stains
  • special studies, when indicated, including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and/or in situ hybridization

Twenty-four hours after we have received the specimen, we will send by fax and/or mail the patient’s pathology report to include in the patient’s medical record. This report includes photomicrographic imaging, gross and microscopic descriptions, final diagnosis, and corresponding current ICD codes for insurance claims.

We will contact you to discuss challenging diagnoses and their implications on patient management.

Download the TOPS Requisition Form (included in your kits)

Clinical Service

We also offer consultative opinions based on histories, clinical photographs, or radiographs, including options for management of oral disease. These services are complimentary for our regular biopsy service clients.

For patients with oral mucosal disease that would benefit from an in-person evaluation, we are happy to see oral pathology patients in our clinical practice at Tufts University on the 6th floor of the School of Dental Medicine. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 617-636-3932 for an appointment.

Download the Clinical Oral Pathology Patient Referral Form