Thank You Award

The “Thank You Award” is a tool managers can use to reward an individual staff member or group of staff members for going above and beyond the scope of their job. For example, a manager may want to recognize an individual or group who took on an extra project, who worked through a transition or worked under unusual circumstances. A “Thank You Award” would be a small gesture of appreciation for the extra efforts put forth by an individual or group and a way to say, “Thank You!”

How is my award pool calculated?

Each department’s budget will be calculated as follows:

  • The number of staff in the department multiplied by $50 x 60%. For example, a department with five staff members would have a pool of $150.
  • Fiscal year pools are calculated to include all budgeted new hires.
  • Thank You Award pools must be utilized in the fiscal year July 1-June 30; any unexpended funds do not carry over into the next fiscal year.

How do I request a reward for an individual?

The packet you receive includes the Request for a Thank You Award Form. When the form is completed, submit it to your immediate manager for approval. Once approved, please deliver the form to the Office of Dental Finance and Administration for procurement.

May I reward my group as a whole?

Yes, you have the option of using the pool to recognize an entire group of staff members under your direction.

What are the reward options?

Individuals or groups receiving a “Thank You Award” may choose from the following list of items:

Category 1: Personal/Fun Items

  • Movie Tickets – 6-8
  • Aquarium Tickets – 4
  • Canobie Lake Tickets – 2
  • Gift Cards – $50 Each
  • Macy’s
  • Amazon
  • Visa/AMEX
  • Simon Mall

Category 2: Work Items

  • Pick One
  • Parking Stickers – 5 (Medical Center Garage/274 Tremont Street)
  • Bonus Day Off
  • Pick Two Gift Cards – $25 Each
  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Boston Pizza
  • McDonald’s
  • Chopped & Topped
  • Au Bon Pain

Category 3: Group Award

  • Pick One
  • Pizza Party
  • Breakfast Party

Note: Any individual that receives an award will have the value of the award reported as income on their W-2. This is an IRS Guideline which Disbursements and the HR Service Center will assist the Dental School in facilitating.

Download the Thank You Award request form.