Team Excellence Award – Past Winners

2013 Team Excellence Award Winners: Tufts Dental Facility – West Springfield

“They are a model of what a few people, working towards one goal can accomplish. Team chemistry counts for a lot, and they have it.”

  • Paula DiPallo
  • Kathleen Mackechnie
  • Sandra Crowner
  • Kathleen Pease
  • Carli Bennett
  • Mary Maziarz
  • Adrian Gillard (Not Pictured)

(Pictured from left to right)

2012 Team Excellence Award Winners: The Code Team

“(The) Tufts  Emergency Code Team …  This is the team that nobody wants to see but everyone is glad for the visit if the occasion arises.”

  • Amy Vaz, RN
  • Ramesh Ghimire
  • Andrea Janvier
  • Abel Bouziane
  • Paula O’Brien
  • Tasha Medellin
  • Johnny Kent
  • Colleen Halloran
  • Ronald Grady
  • Jennifer Jean Mary

(Pictured from left to right)

2011 Team Excellence Award Winners: Oral Medicine

“This multi-faceted team wears a variety of hats throughout the day and does so with a high level of efficiency and good humor.”

  • Kristina Hatzipetrou
  • Shankeertha Sundaralingam
  • Elizabeth Tzavaras
  • Samantha Keck

(Pictured from left to right)