Team Excellence Award – Past Winners

2015 Team Excellence Award Winners: Third Floor Dispensary

“They have a good way of keeping everybody calm and happy when we may have stressful situations coming up like a first operative. They know the materials and usually a bit about the procedures. Their happy and playful moods are quite contagious. I think the entire floor is a better place because of them.”

  • Osahon Bryan Irorere
  • Emily Fang

2014 Team Excellence Award Winners: Information Technology

“This team is very visible, busy and proactive. They have developed effective relationships by their superb customer service interactions and technical capabilities. They have excellent interpersonal skills and communicate extremely well with each other and the faculty. They are valued for their diligent work, their flexibility and willingness to solve problems, their turnaround time with a very pleasant personality at all times.”

  • Donald Braho
  • Ange Brome
  • Danny Dicicco
  • Jorge Freitas
  • Matt Johnston
  • Kevin O’Dea
  • Richard Shorter

(Pictured from left to right)

2013 Team Excellence Award Winners: Tufts Dental Facility – West Springfield

“They are a model of what a few people, working towards one goal can accomplish. Team chemistry counts for a lot, and they have it.”

  • Paula DiPallo
  • Kathleen Mackechnie
  • Sandra Crowner
  • Kathleen Pease
  • Carli Bennett
  • Mary Maziarz
  • Adrian Gillard (Not Pictured)

(Pictured from left to right)

2012 Team Excellence Award Winners: The Code Team

“(The) Tufts  Emergency Code Team …  This is the team that nobody wants to see but everyone is glad for the visit if the occasion arises.”

  • Amy Vaz, RN
  • Ramesh Ghimire
  • Andrea Janvier
  • Abel Bouziane
  • Paula O’Brien
  • Tasha Medellin
  • Johnny Kent
  • Colleen Halloran
  • Ronald Grady
  • Jennifer Jean Mary

(Pictured from left to right)

2011 Team Excellence Award Winners: Oral Medicine

“This multi-faceted team wears a variety of hats throughout the day and does so with a high level of efficiency and good humor.”

  • Kristina Hatzipetrou
  • Shankeertha Sundaralingam
  • Elizabeth Tzavaras
  • Samantha Keck

(Pictured from left to right)