Team Excellence Award – In the News

Service and Smile

Tufts Now & News at One Kneeland, Feb. 3, 2014 – “Can I see safe hands?” The patient, hearing the cue, dutifully holds his hands out, so the dental assistant has clear access during his dental appointment. Read more

Going Above and Beyond: The School of Dental Medicine’s Team Excellence Award Program

Periscope, January/February 2013 – Only two years into what they hope will be a longstanding tradition, the committee behind the Team Excellence Award has shown what a talented, committed group of people can accomplish when they work together toward a common goal. Read more

School of Dental Medicine: Team Excellence Award

Periscope, March/April 2012 – This past year. Tufts University School of Dental Medicine created a new award for staff, the Team Excellence Award, and Recently Announced it’s first winners. Read more

People Notes December 2011

TuftsNow, December 2011 Kristina Hatzipetrou, a research aide in general dentistry, was a member of the group that received the 2011 Team Excellence Award from the School of Dental Medicine, along with Samantha Keck, Shankeertha Sundaralingam and Elizabeth Tzavaras. Read More