Team Excellence Award – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a team?

A team is comprised of permanent employees and can be, but is not limited to, an entire department; a sub-group of a department that works on a shared task, project/goal; or a group or committee comprised of interdepartmental members working on a shared task or project/goal.

Can I nominate my team?

If a manager is nominating his/her team, the nomination form must be accompanied by one or more support letters from someone other than the nominating manager or member(s) of the team being nominated. If the nominator is a member of his/her own team but not its manager, the nomination form must include a letter of support from the team’s manager.

Nomination forms without appropriate supplemental support will not be considered. Please deliver hard copies to Quigley Raleigh, Research Administration, DHS-1513D, or send electronically to

When can I submit a nomination?

Team awards will be given once a year in the fall. The opening date and deadline for each nomination cycle will be posted on the website and will appear on posters throughout the Dental School.

What if I can’t submit a nomination online?

You can download and print the nomination form in a portable document format (PDF). All paper nominations should be sent via campus mail by the nomination deadline to Team Award, c/o Quigley Raleigh, Research Administration, DHS-1513D.

Will I receive any kind of confirmation letting me know that my nomination was received?

If you submit your nomination via the online form, you will receive a confirmation notice immediately after submission. If you submit your nomination by email, mail or fax, you will receive a confirmation email of your submission within two business days. Please email if you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days.

Who is on the Selection Committee?

The Selection Committee is composed of TUSDM staff. See list of this year’s committee members.