Team Excellence Award

Thank you to all TUSDM community members who submitted nominations for the 2015 Team Excellence Award!

The Selection Committee was once again pleased to consider the many extraordinary teams nominated for the award, and is very happy to announce that the winner of the 2015 Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Team Excellence Award is…

Third Floor Dispensary

Emily Fang, Osahon Bryan Irorere

The dispensary on any floor is the nerve center at the oftentimes chaotic start and conclusion of each clinic session. Handing out stacks of instrument kits, attending to mid-treatment shifts in necessity, handling the intake of post-appointment clean up – the two members of this team are the cool and composed duo who bookend these demanding times of day for students, faculty and staff.

On perhaps the school’s busiest clinic floor, Bryan and Emily serve not only the group practices Charlestown & Dorchester, but they also support Pre-doctoral Endodontics, GPR/AEGD, Radiology, Recare and Urgent Care. Amidst a constant flow of need across a range of provider experience, they likewise manage to form friendly bonds with this multitude of individuals who truly benefit from their superb teamwork on a daily basis.

The nominations speak for themselves:

“They have a good way of keeping everybody calm and happy when we may have stressful situations coming up like a first operative. They know the materials and usually a bit about the procedures. Their happy and playful moods are quite contagious. I think the entire floor is a better place because of them. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in clinic and they have been a major part of that.”

“…as students obtain all instruments and supplies for their clinic sessions, both Bryan and Emily greet each student with a smile and encouraging words. They are very efficient and enthusiastic. A great combination!!”

It’s through these personal connections and hard work that Bryan and Emily have been recognized in nominations for this award over the last three years. This is a true testament of the consistency in accomplished service that they have provided, and the Team Excellence Award Selection Committee is honored to be able to name them the 2015 winners.

Please join us in congratulating Bryan and Emily of the Third Floor Dispensary for their magnificent work!


Team Excellence Award Selection Committee

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

About the Team Excellence Award

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) established the Team Excellence Award in 2011 in order to give special recognition to staff members who work as part of a team or workgroup.

TUSDM sponsors this school-wide program to recognize team or workgroup accomplishments that go beyond the parameters of daily business in addressing a challenging project or initiative that facilitates change at the Dental School. Winning teams will have demonstrated their commitment to the Dental School and the Tufts community through dedication to professionalism, teamwork and service. This program defines the concept of team broadly to include entire departments, departmental sub-groups, workgroups or committees comprised of interdepartmental members working on a shared task, project or goal, as well as team-to-team collaborations that facilitate the achievement of significant outcomes or cooperative benefit. This program complements the recognition programs already in place at the university.

Winners are chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of Dental School staff. The winning team will be invited to lunch with the Dean and Executive Associate Dean (EAD) of the Dental School. In addition to lunch, individual members of winning teams will receive a cash award.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and to take a moment to reflect on who among your colleagues is due for some well-deserved applause.


All TUSDM permanent employees can be nominated for a team award. Members of the staff who are serving on the Selection Committee for this year’s award are ineligible. In addition, teams are not eligible to win in consecutive years.

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